VOTD Commentary Hints!

Thanks to EyeofHorus.org.uk, we’ve learned that the online commentary of Voyage of the Damned (available via the “Red Button” or from the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site) contains several hints about the contents of Series 4….

Recorded on 12 December 2007, outgoing producer Phil Collinson confirms that he will resign at the close of Series 4 with a new producer taking the reins for the 2009 specials.

Episode 6 of Series 4 will contain a new alien called “The Haff”. No relation to The Hoff is evident at this point.

Episode 11 apparently features “Catherine Tate’s the most extraordinary performance”

While in Episode 7 the Doctor will eat anchovies as a remedy…

Add that to what we already know about Series 4 – and you don’t get much.

However given the underwhelming trailer and the weight of pressure building on Catherine Tate and the perceived limits in her ability, whatever happens it will be very interesting to watch, if only for the standard of casting…


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