Burn Gorman Q&A

K Towers considers him – from an acting point of view – the only reason to watch Torchwood, and Burn Gorman certainly seems pretty chatty these days.

As part of the shows State-side promotion, (Torchwood is on BBC America) Gorman has spoken to exclusively to Starpulse about the series, the team and Owen Harper’s development in the second series…

Owen has an extreme roller coaster this series. We learn lots about all of the team’s history, and we learn very much about why Owen is like he is. We all know he can be a tricky customer, arrogant, aloof and not particularly good at expressing his feelings, and in series two we find out a little bit more as to what really makes Owen tick and also perhaps explain some of the strange goings on from series one. Pretty exciting.

From the trailer at the end of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, it was quite obvious that Captain John – James Marsters – would be returning to Torchwood at some point as he was shown speaking dialogue that hadn’t been used in the episode…

I’m a big sci-fi fan and to have James with us in the beginning of the series and hopefully coming back is really great because he raises your game. He’s very experienced, and you think “he’s doing it like that” and you try to match him.

So it seems that Dr Owen Harper has grown up and put the past mistakes with his colleague behind him

I think that after he shot Jack and Jack in a sense forgave him, he’s taken that as a chance to turn over a new leaf in terms of his commitment to the team. We see Owen is able to enter morally gray areas that other members of the team can’t. We see him involved in things which perhaps might be slightly dubious.

And interestingly, Burn has recently been portraying a British comedy legend…

I’ve been doing something for the BBC again which is about these comedians we had in Britain in the 60s called Steptoe and Son (Sanford and Son when remade in the US) about two rag and bone men, sort of scrap metal collectors, so I’ve been wearing a very itchy false beard for a number of weeks.

Can’t wait to see how that turns out…


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