Dave Ross is Back?

The rumours have been a-plenty recently, growing with momentum until one site published photos of contentious ownership. Now it has gone mainstream – is Davros back?

According to the Mirror, however, little else is known that wasn’t known earlier.

An actor named Julian Bleach – the monster in ITV1’s recent Frankenstein – has apparently been cast as the insane scientist whose genetic experiments lead to the Daleks “evolving” from humanoid bipeds into the obscene mutants that travel around exterminating.

There’s a good selection of Bleach available on the web – start off with this Google Images link

A show source said: “It’s an explosive finale. We want him to come back and cause havoc.”

Davros was last seen in 1989’s Remembrance of the Daleks, wherein the Seventh Doctor used the ancient Gallifreyan solar manipulator The Hand of Omega to destroy the star of the Dalek’s homeworld, Skaro.

He was seen exiting into an escape pod while in Earth orbit as the Dalek mothership was destroyed; I think it’s fair to say that the wizened evil doer is on the planet somewhere…


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