DT Still to Commit?

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times (we’ll cover that later), Russell T Davies speaks about the future – and there’s a repeated implication that David Tennant has not signed on for the 2010 series.

All this talk of the future… I wish I could nip forwards in my TARDIS and find out!

Seriously though, I don’t think that this is a Sean Connery-esque “hanging on for more cash” affair. Tennant is either going at the end of the 2009 “run” or he’s staying a bit longer. Remember, back in December, Catherine Tate let slip that this would be David’s last series. A few specials isn’t a series…

2009 will be what Davies calls a “gap year,” with only four one-hour specials. Although the show has been commissioned for a complete season in 2010, he and Tennant are not yet signed on.

“I can’t carry on like this forever,” Davies said, sniffling — his cold was acting up. He said that after this, he will likely return to drama about “the epic-ness of ordinary intimate deals of ordinary people’s lives,” which is what he really loves writing. “The only place for me to go here is back to six-parters or one-offs which won’t have the publicity, the merchandise, the budget, the profile.” He took a deep breath. “And I’m so looking forward to it.”

I know which one I’m resigned to…


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