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Former companion Louise Jameson has been featured heavily on Digital Spy’s Cult Icon recently, and a look at her place in Doctor Who lore has been accompanied by an interview.

Much of the conversation surrounds Jameson’s appearance in Big Finish’s Gallifrey audio series, in which she appears with Lalla Ward… of the drama’s, she reveals that:

“They’re in between stories… I’ve teamed up with Lalla Ward (Romana) to become her bodyguard. We get on extremely well.”

There’s also the obligatory Tom Baker question:

“When asked, Lalla always says ‘he’s the sweetest man I’ve been divorced from’, which is just brilliant!”

“I think it would be marvellous [if Tom Baker reprised the Doctor for Big Finish]. He was in [Doctor Who] longer than anybody. He has a very distinctive and beautiful voice, so sure. He has a huge fanbase.”

And, apparently, recording an audio drama is very different from acting in front of the camera:

“To be able to get very concentrated, very quickly is the main thing. Especially for a long passage, a monologue. With the risk of sounding like my teachers, it’s all about the preparation. If you put the homework in you can go anywhere. Knowing your motivation, your objectives.”

There’s more in the interview itself, including Louise Jameson appearing disappointed that K-9 is with Sarah Jane…


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