Reaction to Meat

Astonishingly, the first England football match under the stewardship of Fabio Capello didn’t do much to dent Torchwood viewing figures, with 11% of the viewing audience tuning into BBC Two regardless.

At K Towers, we let the match roll on to a satisfying ending, took some time out and then watched Torchwood in its rightful place on BBC Three.

Meat received a favourable review from Digital Spy, you may be interested to learn, who note:

The decision to foreground the supporting character Rhys works very well, enabling us to experience the mundane aspect of everyday working life and forming a clever contrast with the activities of Torchwood. Sharing his subjective perspective also allows us to once again be in awe of the actual Torchwood Hub, as we share his wonder in much the same way as we did with Gwen in the first episode.

The furious domestic argument between the couple, a unique spin on the kitchen sink melodrama usually seen in EastEnders, has a real impact and emotional honesty due to the wonderfully earnest performances from Kai Owen and Eve Myles

Couldn’t agree more; they were both very good, and seeing how their relationship would develop in light of the revelation carried the episode along far more than space whale meat.

And as for Kai Owen – we’ve been hearing for ages how wonderful an actor he is, and it’s true.

So why the hell do we wait 17 episodes to see him do something, eh Chibnall?

Incidentally we’ll be taking a proper look at Torchwood viewing figures at the halfway stage and series climax.


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