It’s only been around for 16 months, but already Torchwood has gained a suitably large following to require a convention event – and there’s one due…

Lovely Eve Myles will be appearing alongside former Buffy star and Torchwood guest actor James Marsters, Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays Ianto, former Neighbours and Ugly Betty actor Alan Dale and Torchwood producer Richard Stokes at the Porchester Hall in London on April 26.

“I am surprised by the popularity of Torchwood,” said Myles, who won a Bafta Cymru Award for the role last year. “When you go into a job you never expect it to have such an effect.

“I had got used to being known in Wales but actually getting stopped by people in London who now know me from Torchwood is a whole new kettle of fish.

“People are very kind and are genuinely pleased for me.

“The convention highlights how Torchwood is becoming a cult show so to play a lead in it is awesome.”

Not sure about this though – according to, Torchwood is “regarded as more accessible to non sci-fi fans.”

“We are getting people who never watch sci-fi as there’s also a strong element of domestic drama,” said Myles, who shot to fame in the Welsh soap Belonging.

“People really enjoy it because they like the characters and can identify with them.”


Still, looks a fun event and there’s likely to be plenty to talk about afterwards. I don;t know, however what Don Parker, popular culture specialist at the University of Wales, (presumably a learned man) is rambling on about here when he deconstructs conventions:

“They allow people to connect on a different level with the show but, if the actors and creators are not in the right spirits, they can be very disappointing.

“I think this one will be a success though and it will probably grow and grow.

“If the makers develop it and embrace it, it will just make their brand even stronger. It’s an important day for both sides.

“There’s a real sense of life, love and loss with these programmes. Science fiction can deal with real life issues like war and death but still make them seem distant from reality by placing them in another world.

“Torchwood has been so successful because it really allows old Doctor Who fans to re-engage with a familiar concept while bringing in a new generation of fans.



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