Weta Collectibles

Weta are the company behind some of the best quality Doctor Who merchandise available, and their range is expanding.

A quick hop over to their website reveals charms such as: Series 1 Dalek in “open” mode; the helmet of Sontaran Linx; the Fourth Doctor and Davros struggling; the Master and a dead Auton from Season 8.

Weta CollectiblesThey’ve also been featured on Sci Fi Crowsnest, where David Tremont of Weta revealed:

“If I found these in a shop I would buy them – and I am fortunate enough to make them.

“We selected the pieces that we thought would be the most appealing and desirable to fans, and as much as I personally love all of them, we took a selection that was more widely known to not only just ‘avid’ Doctor Who fans, but also general enthusiasts of the series, as well, so that everyone could enjoy them. We selected the pieces that looked the most interesting – from iconic moments and characters in the series.

Hopefully it will expand into a large set of highly collectible Helmets throughout the entire series of Doctor Who.”

Weta also produce goods from the fictional universes of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and the Muppets.


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