Doctor Who Hack of the Week Award

In a new semi-regular item to run primarily through Series 4, we take a look at a piece of blatant space-filler on the web and in the press, and award it the soon-to-be-coveted Doctor Who Hack of the Week Award.l

This week’s winner comes from the Digital Spy organ, by Cult Editor Mr Ben Rawson-Jones. Surprising, too, as I was expecting it to be one of those awful “Classic Moments” that are about as “classic” as the latest Sugarbabes single (Cas ein point – that bird in Primeval hitting the flying lizard thing with a tennis racket – classic? Have a word!).

No, Ben Rawson-Jones gives us the sub-Kasterborous, sub-Cult Times (we know our place) Cult Spy: ‘Doctor Who’s Sitcom Stars.

No, really.

And you know what – it wouldn’t be a bad read. Loads of comedy actors have appeared in Doctor Who – Geoffrey Palmer and Clive Swift as recently as Voyage of the Damned – Jone Cleese, Richard Briers, Roger Lloyd Pack, John Challis, Martin Clunes; even Doctors Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison were known as comic actors prior to their time in Doctor Who.

So it is astounding to discover that professional journalist Rawson-Jones makes a complete, meandering hash of things, even trying to include his own gags. I give you:

Who would have thought that Trigger from Only Fools and Horses would mastermind the return of the Cybermen? Roger Lloyd Pack’s 2006 turn as the dastardly John Lumic came thirty years after Boycie actor John Challis’ appearance as evil henchman Scorby in the Fourth Doctor adventure ‘The Seeds of Doom’. Whatever next? We await Denzil’s resurrection of the Sea Devils and Mickey Pearce digging the Krotons out of their slime for another crack at universal domination.

Ooh, my aching sides…


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