Script Leak

With such tight controls around who says and does what at BBC Wales, contract clauses forbidding unauthorised chats with the press and other restrictions, you would think that the chances of a serious leak would be pretty minimal on Doctor Who

At seems to be not the case however, with tabloid the Sun claiming to have copies of Episode 9 and Episode 10 of Doctor Who Series 4.

Digital Spy has quoted the paper:

An insider revealed that producers had been desperate to keep the show’s secrets under wraps, saying: “Bosses are fuming – this is the last thing they would want to happen.”

Apparently the episode is a two-parter, and features the gorgeous Alex Kingston as “Professor River Song”.

We’ll cover this next bit up – left-click and drag your mouse across the following space to read:

The pair are said to arrive at a giant library that contains books about people’s life stories, dead bodies and the Vashta Nerada, “piranhas of the air – shadows that melt the flesh”.

So – what are the implications?

Well the timing is interesting, for starters; it’s 3 years since Rose was leaked “by a Canadian”, and the resulting publicity caused a media stir and certainly helped the launch of nuWho.

This particular instance can only have come from someone associated with both episodes, and we imagine that the culprits have been uncovered. But as to who they are, and why they did it – well that’s another question. Anyone working on the show should be paid enough no to need to call up The Sun and exchange the scripts for money.

On the other hand, if the scripts were left lying around, or they’re the same ones that were lost and so heroically handed back to the BBC a few weeks ago, then either security isn’t tight enough at Upper Boat, or a certain tabloid is playing silly buggers…


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