Catherine Tate in Quite Good Shocker

The Times has published a piece by the very talented Caitlyn Moran, in which she reveals that everyone in Britain is thinking:

"Oh – Catherine Tate’s not that bad, is she?"

You may remember that last year, many fans (including a fair few of us at Kasterborous) were resigned to a whingey, noisy performance from a shouty Catherine Tate, an expectation fuelled by her turn in The Runaway Bride – as Moran puts it:

"How was Christmas?" people would ask.

"OK. Apart from Catherine Tate," others would reply.

And everyone would nod, understandingly.

So the Donna acceptance is almost complete. Moran also notes that the sexual tension is now a welcome thing of the past…

The main beneficiary of her enrolment has been the atmosphere in the Tardis. It is unexpectedly pleasant to be, once again, in a time-travelling wardrobe free of sexual tension.

So this prompts me – rightly, I feel – to say from all of those at K Towers who ever doubted Tate’s ability in the part to say "wow, you shocked us there, well done, you’ve been very enjoyable so far!"

Oh and "there’s something on your back."


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