Doctor Who Hits The Press

At last the media frenzy has gathered, two days before the return of Doctor Who – and to be honest, most of it is the same, garnered from the BBC Press Release and Press Launch interviews.

Of particular note is that old favourite,

This article features Fuhrer Russell T Davies describing how clever he is. Seriously though, he takes a lot of credit for the shows resurrection being a success.

Despite the BBC wanting a Saturday evening series to start off with…

“We knew there were lots of people who’d not seen it before. We were writing for them, really,” says Davies on bringing back Doctor Who after 16 years.

“All the elements of the show were there, the Tardis, the sonic screwdriver, but it was a clean start,” he says. “The dread was that mum and dad would sit down and watch the show, but the kids wouldn’t because, let’s face it, you don’t want to do what your parents do when you’re a kid, and anything they watch is automatically bad.

“That was a very big worry at first, but I think it was a cynical view of families. It turns out kids love sitting with their mums and dads to watch TV, especially ‘event’ television like X Factor finals and things like that.

“I just knew if we could create that sense of event every week we’d stand a chance of being successful and getting an audience. And I was right,” he says.

Fair play to Davies though, he does know the game, and he’s particularly keen on casting good actors – I think it’s fair to say there have been a few flops in the supporting cast stakes, (hi Grid Lock) but RTD has been on the ball:

“You’ve just got to cast well. When you have David Tennant in the leading role, you can’t surround him with rubbish. You owe it to him to give him a cast that will excite him.


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