Doctor Who Series 4 Preview

OK – here there be slight spoilers, so tread carefully. (Nothing out and out, you understand, not until everyone else knows. You wouldn’t believe the stuff we’ve kept from you – goodness me no, I won’t go there, you won’t sleep tonight…)

So Doctor Who kicks off this week with Partners in Crime, which will see the Doctor reunited with Donna Noble, and up against Miss Foster (Sarah Lancashire) as “an enigmatic and powerful businesswoman.” Alien foes are the Adipose, computer generated characters whose name suggests… nah, I’ll let you find out for yourselves.

Episode 2 of Season 30 is The Fires of Pompeii by James Moran . I can’t wait for the trailer for this one, which co-stars Phil Davis and Peter Capaldi. The Doctor and Donna find themselves in Pompeii, and knowing what date it is expect some conflict as Donna tries to change history.

Alien Planets Ahoy! Planet of the Ood sees the TARDIS deliver the Doctor and Donna to the home planet of the red eyes squid faced Ood, in an episode that also features Tim McInnerny (best known as Captain Darling/Lord Percy of Blackadder). Expect humanity painted in a bad light, and a subservient race getting annoyed…

The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky sees the long, long-awaited return of one of the finest science fiction races ever – the Sontarans! The war-driven clones are on Earth, with Christopher Ryan (The Young Ones, Trial of a Time Lord) appearing as the lead Sontaran. We also welcome back Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones, returning as a member of UNIT (now renamed “Unified Nations Intelligence Taskforce”, according to some sources…)

Stephen Greenhorn brings us the improbably titles The Doctor’s Daughter, which features Georgia Moffett (real-life daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison). Not much is known about this episode, and frankly I think that’s a good thing. I doubt we’ll forget this one!

The Unicorn And The Wasp is the “Agatha Christie one” and co stars Fenella Woolgar and Felicity Kendall. One description calls it “a classic murder mystery with a country house, vintage cars, a flapper, a vicar, a body in the library – and the disappearance of Agatha Christie”, and is brought to us by the Gareth Roberts. Who is next for the historical adventure? My money is on another writer…

Steven Moffatt this year brings us the much anticipated Silence In The Library/River’s Run, which co-stars the gorgeous Alex Kingston and the superb Colin Salmon. The Doctor and Donna encounter an abandoned library, moving shadows, the gruesome Nodes and the horrifying Data Ghost.

Midnight features the return of David Troughton to Doctor Who; Troughton is the son of Second Doctor Patrick, as well as King Peladon from the Third Doctor adventure The Curse of Peladon. Also co-starring is former EastEnder Lindsey Coulson and Lesley Sharp. Apparently Midnight is a planet leisure world with golden spas, diamond landscapes and anti-gravity restaurants. Russell T Davies writes this and the remaining episodes.

Some bird called Billie Piper appears in Turn Left, which is believed to be the “Doctor lite” episode. Although the previous episode might be to.

Episode 12/Journey’s End sees the show reach a massive climax that can only surpass the return of and subsequent defeat of the Master in 2007. We don’t know who is in it, how it ends or in what order things happen, as we haven’t seen any of it in any shape or form. We also don’t know who is in it, who isn’t in it, when they’re in it or what ancient enemy is resurrected, thus throwing the whole universe into danger.

We’re curious to see that one source has Sarah Lancashire guesting, though…


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