Doctor Who Magazine 396!


Actress Billie Piper talks exclusively about her imminent return to Doctor Who – and how Rose’s character has developed – in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine…


"She’s changed. She’s hardened. She’s been through a lot in her parallel world. I think she’s been through emotional turmoil. She’s quite sad and lonely, but also really bolshy and – that great quality that Rose has – just so headstrong and single-minded."

Billie promises us another healthy quota of tear-jerking, heart-rending moments in this year’s finale. Are those sorts of scenes as exhausting to perform as the technically-complex effects sequences? "It’s just a different kind of intensity, but equally as intense, because you really have to focus. You’re imagining things, seeing things, that aren’t there. That takes a lot of concentration. But this series will make you cry. That’s a promise."

Doctor Who Magazine 396



• DWM talks to The League of Gentlemen’s Steve Pemberton about his role in the much-anticipated Doctor Who story, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.


• Previews of the forthcoming Series Four episodes – Midnight and Turn Left – featuring new and previously unpublished photos!


• Russell T Davies talks candidly to DWM readers about his latest trip to the BAFTA awards and meeting an acting legend in Production Notes.


• Who’s best? UNIT or the Sontarans? There was only one way to find out… FIGHT! DWM was there to file an exclusive report on the epic battle…


• Whodunnit? And why – and how?! DWM investigates the mysterious happenings at Eddison Hall with a behind-the-scenes look at The Unicorn and the Wasp, featuring excusive interviews with the cast and crew.


• The Doctor and Donna encounter Zombies and Sycorax in Part Two of the latest, full colour, comic strip adventure, The Widow’s Curse.


• Who are the great ‘unsung heroes’ of Doctor Who? Discover the surprising answers in You Are Not Alone!


• Actor Joe Dempsie, star of The Doctor’s Daughter, reveals all on love, war and, er, kissing a Hath.


• It’s the end of the series… and Davros is back! Find out what happened when the Time Team watched 1985’s Revelation of the Daleks…


• Which story do fans most want out on DVD? Discover the answer, and much more, as the results of the DWM merchandise poll are finally revealed.


• PLUS… all the latest news, exclusive photos, reviews, previews, competitions… and a free, HUGE, double-sided poster!


DWM 396 is out on Thursday 29 May 2008, price £3.99.


Get your copy before ‘the Darkness’ arrives!


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