Hinchcliffe on nuWho

Tom Baker era producer Philip Hinchcliffe speaks in the current published issue of The Stage about his feelings on modern Doctor Who.

He speaks about a number of developments in the shows format, for instance story length:

"The structure of these single episode stories is interesting," Hinchcliffe comments, pausing the DVD for a moment. "It’s flipping the familiar sci-fi idea of a people enslaved. Here the humans are the masters and the aliens, the slaves. It’s a good, clear concept. Obviously it’s been concertinaed and compressed to fit 45 minutes, but it’s still a powerful central story.

As well as the role of the companion:

Donna wanders over to question an Ood. "Catherine Tate makes it very accessible," he continues. "She’s a celebrity and I think that the new series has tapped into this — the world of young people, where celebrity-hood is now taken for granted. Pop Idol, I’d Do Anything — Doctor Who is a part of that landscape of light entertainment now.

"It doesn’t seem at all odd that Catherine Tate should have a role. She somehow belongs there. It all seems to blend in."

More interesting insights from Doctor Who’s most influential producer can be read in The Stage, available in your local WHSmith or somesuch.


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