Kopic’s Newsround: The Doctor’s Poison-Stratagem Sky-Daughter Edition

Kopic is back with more news after several weeks of Real Life(tm) intruding in his affairs.

What better way of starting anew than with news that Steven Moffat has won another BAFTA! Yay! His 2007 story Blink won the award for Best Writer yesterday, merely weeks after winning the Welsh BAFTA for the very same story. Wouldn’t it be nice if HE became chief writer and head-honcho after RTD quits?

In this week’s Totty News we note that Chuck from Pushing Daisies, as played by lesbian grave-digger from Brookside Anna Friel, and The Doctor, as played by some Scottish chap named David Tennant, have been voted the sexiest characters on TV. This survey (conducted by the Hallmark Channel) of 1600 people notes that

The recipe for sexiness in a character was thought to include charisma (38 per cent), looking great (36 per cent) and not playing by rules (12 per cent).

However, 20 per cent felt that actually seeing sex was distracting.

…especially while driving or operating heavy machinery 😉

A Hallmark Channel spokesman pointed out that:

"If you were creating the ideal on-screen TV couple it would arguably be David and Anna, but you wouldn’t want to see them doing anything that distracts from the plot!"

Hmmm. Don’t I remember rumours a while back that Anna Friel was considered as a companion or is that my fevered fanboy imaginings? Imagine having huge dollops of Tennant and Friel every Saturday evening…

Often controversial, sometimes whining, always amusing… Lawrence Miles this week gives us a minute-by-minute rundown of this thoughts on The Doctor’s Daughter. Sounds a bit like Kopic’s Radical Analysis Process With Indiosyncratic Textualising (KRAPWIT)The Sontaran Stratagem Review to me. Do you think he reads Kasterborous? Anyway, one comment made me laugh out loud when reading it

Minute 46. "The Nancies are all warmed up," according to the announcer.

James Moran, writer of Fires of Pompeii, has announced that he has written a short story featuring the Fourth Doctor and the second Romana to be published in Doctor Who: Short Trips – Transmissions.

If you lost the ability to communicate, what would your life be like? Messages, and the media we use to convey them, surround us every minute of every day. Some are meant for us alone, while others are intended to reach the widest possible audience. Some transmissions are intercepted by unintended recipients and never reach their destination. Others get corrupted along the way.

The Doctor knows how important it is to be understood. Whether he is striving to cure a disease that turns words into gibberish, responding to an SOS from the end of time, or unravelling secret messages encoded into the genetic sequences that make up life itself, this is one Time Lord who always knows how to make himself heard.

Listen up. Get the message. Keep this frequency clear.

That nice Mr Gorton and his Millennium FX company have won more awards making it three years in a row as BAFTA Cymru award winners for make-up on The Shakespeare Code . Neill is also interviewed in the latest Flipside magazine (science, engineering and technology magazine for teenagers) where he talks about all things Doctor Who.

This issue, as the world’s most famous archaeologist returns to our screens, Flipside investigates how Indiana Jones matches up to real-life tomb raiders. Who were the character’s original inspirations, and how do present-day archaeologists compare? Meanwhile we look for some of the most mysterious lost things in history, pay a visit to Doctor Who, interview the TV producer whose job is taking kids to the ends of the Earth, give you the lowdown on barcodes, and tell you how to begin hacking toys. We also find out how to become a video game world record holder, meet the men behind Iron Man, and find out why strange things are happening to teenage accents… This issue also features a bumper gadgets section, not to mention reviewing all the latest games, music and movies.

Sounds like a great magazine. I want to be a teenager again!

If you want to see several hours of your life disappear in an instant, try the BBC’s Trailer Maker where you can mix and match scenes, sounds and FX to make your very own 30 second Doctor Who trailer! Here’s one I made earlier in a serious attempt to make a trailer. Then there’s this one I made after reflecting on the landscape of BBC 1’s Saturday evening line-up. Enjoy!

What the Dickens?!?! Burn Gorman named as Oliver!’s Bill Sikes???

No official announcement has yet been made, but if the casting does come to pass, while it may be Gorman’s musical debut, it won’t be his first go at Charles Dickens. He appeared in the 2005 BBC adaptation of Bleak House.

Next thing you know Freema Agyeman will also be doing Dickens (in a nice way) as Tattycoram in Little Dorrit. The lovely Freema will be in luminous company, starring alongside (deep breath!) Claire Foy, Tom Courtenay, James Fleet, Emma Pierson, Amanda Redman, Andy Serkis, Ruth Jones, Robert Hardy, Mackenzie Crook, Bill Paterson, Janine Duvitski, Maxine Peake, Eddie Marsan, Annette Crosbie, Alun Armstrong and Matthew Macfadyen.

Wow! Also worth mentioning here, as a reminder, are Who alumni Anthony Head (School Reunion) and Richard Wilson (Empty Child/The Doctor Dances) who will be headlining the BBC’s Merlin fantasy drama later this year. Merlin will be directed by James Hawes, who by a strange stroke of the coincidence brush directed Richard Wilson and Anthony Head in their respective Who stories. His other Who credits include New Earth and The Christmas Invasion – both of which we will forgive him for if Merlin is a success! 😉

Simon Mills


Simon was born at an early age and has loved Doctor Who since even before then. Truth be told, it was those pesky giant maggots and the dandy in the frilly shirt that got him hooked... but it was the hair, teeth, eyes and scarf that made him stick around to this very day. When not writing for Kasterborous, Simon indulges in his passion for karate training and listening to (and writing about) some seriously heavy rock and metal music. Not at the same time, though, as that can lead to serious injury and/or lawsuits.

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