Sontaran Director Interviewed

Douglas Mackinnon – guiding hand behind The Sontaran Stratagem/ThePoison Sky – has chatted about his experience on the show, breaking the TARDIS, and enjoying Doctor Who as a child.

The director was very pleased to be working on Doctor Who with Tennant, Tate and Agyeman, while he also got the chance to sow his kids around the BBC Wales studio at Upper Boat, and show them the treasure chest that is the prop store – but tha’s small fry to actually breaking the TARDIS…

"During filming I was working on the Tardis and I managed to break the bit in the middle which goes up and down.

"I wanted it to go too fast for a dramatic scene and it just stopped working. I couldn’t believe I’d broken the Tardis.

"Thankfully, we managed to fix it half an hour later but I had this surreal phone call with my nine-year-old son Thomas, who is a massive Doctor Who fan, back home in Fife and said: ‘You’ll never believe what I did today…’

"And he shouted to my wife Mandy: ‘Mum, dad’s broken the Tardis!’"

Brilliant! I daresay it all snapped back in to place nicely, but look out for any unusual hole or scratches on rewatching the latest episodes…


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