An Army of Fans

Everybody is going quite literally Doctor Who mad this week, with the press chatting about everything from Billie’s teeth to this – a superb offering from The Guardian that discusses several fan-made attempts to remake missing episodes of Doctor Who through soundtracks and animation.

Inspired by the efforts of Cosgrove Hall on 2006’s The Invasion, these small teams – sometimes even comprising one fan – have been developing computer-based portrayals of the first three Doctors and their companions on adventures such as Power of the Daleks, The Sensorites, and The Wheel in Space.

There is certainly a desire to do more official titles, however:

Dan Hall, commissioning editor for the Doctor Who DVD range, says: "Unfortunately these things have to be paid for, and animations are very expensive. The Invasion … was a co-venture that was majority-funded by the BBC, and they’ve decided not to invest in them any further.

"I would love to do another animation. It’s just a matter of finding a way that it can be done affordably. It’s nowhere near affordable, and it’s not one of those things where you can … just make a smaller profit on it."

So – a hugely popular television series with at least 12 DVD releases a year, and the BBC can’t afford to do more animations?

It’s interesting to note that between July 2008 and (at the earliest) January 2010, the BBC hasn’t planned a reconstruction release. When better time to get maximum press attention than when Doctor Who is off air?


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