Doctor Who Cliffhanger Classic

The internet and the World Wide Web has gone into meltdown this evening following the shock cliffhanger to The Stolen Earth, the penultimate Doctor Who episode this series.

With spoilers at every turn, we would warn our regular readers to take very special care of what they read, and whenever they see the phrase "left click and drag your mouse" that they don’t do this.

Oh I see that you did. Expecting a spoiler are we? Do you really think we would do that? OK – you’re right, we do have one tiny little spoiler for you.

But we’re not going to give it away. No that would be wrong. Immoral, even, and I’m a believer in personal values. So, while we’re here let’s make one thing clear. This goes no further.

Cryptic spoiler coming up:

Graeme Harper is a very good director – he knows all the tricks of framing and editing, what to show and what not to show. In The Stolen Earth we saw things, but only things that we were meant to see. And what we didn’t see – well, we weren’t meant to see that either…


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