Midnight Reaction

Episode 10 of season 30, Midnight, proved to be something of a diversion for Russell T Davies, being more akin to the work of Steven Moffat than New Earth.

Starring David Tennant opposite Lesley Sharp and David Troughton among others, Midnight has proved to be quite divisive among fans.

The best online review so far comes from The Stage, who reckon that the threat is more important than the backstory…

It’s very hard to convey just what is so special about Midnight – the mechanics of the alien threat that eventually penetrates the craft and inhabits Sky’s body aren’t really important here. As she starts to repeat the words of everybody on board, and subsequently starts saying the passengers’ words before they’ve uttered them, it’s definitely terrifying. If it can copy and mimic words in such a way, how long would it be before this creature – whatever it may be – could actually become us?

While certainly one of the better episodes this year, 7.3 million viewers tuned in, a 38% share of the available audience – all to see Doctor who with few special effects and two sets.  Very old school, very Horror of Fang Rock, and very stage drama…

Midnight would work well as a theatre piece, taking place as it does on a single set. It almost feels like Davies is preparing for a return to a strand of character drama more firmly rooted in reality, and this is an impressive halfway house to that end

Christian Cawley is back.


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