Silence in the Library Reaction

As we saw earlier in the week, Silence in the Library hit all the right notes critically and execution wise, but sadly under 6m people tuned in.

Frankly, I think those missing should be forced to watch it. But then I’m biased in favour of Steven Moffat’s latest whizz-bang Doctor Who tale, one of hose who has championed him running the show since The Empty Child first aired.

Let’s face it, I had a point.

Dirctor Euros Lyn has certainly been aware of the classic aspect of Moffat’s work, and the subsequent weight of expectation on him, and told Doctor Who Magazine:

"Pressure? Directing Steven Moffat’s episodes of Doctor Who? Are you kidding? He writes beautiful, intricate, terrifying scripts. Making his dreams live on screen is both a delight and an enormous responsibility."

"It’s said that 98% of directing is casting. I’m forever asking my cast to bare their souls onscreen, and I’m very grateful to fine actors like Alex Kingston and Colin Salmon for throwing themselves into the project with such fearlessness."

Meanwhile in The Stage, their review of the adventure enthused about how the episode got this year’s run back on track (without actually saying as much):

This is perhaps the most visually rich and sumptuous episode of Doctor Who since it’s return, a perfect marrying of effects work and the beautiful Swansea central library. Director Euros Lyn is a past master at creating great atmosphere, and the opening scenes of the Doctor and Donna walking deserted stacks and walkways are effectively handled. In fact I would say the entire episode is dripping with it.

And there’s intrigue – elsewhere, a little girl is undergoing therapy. She’s telling her doctor that somebody is in her library. Ooh, this is new – just what is happening here? My attention is hooked… In the library, the shadows are moving, and a nation of kids is terrified again…

Never mind the kids – I was terrified!


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