Turn Left Reaction

Turn Left certainly seems ot have pushed a lot of the right buttons among Doctor Who fans, with comments on the return of Billie Piper a hot topic on the Kasterborous Forum and reviews across the web and blogosphere on the whole positive.

To wit: the very sexy MaryAnn Johanson of Flick Philosopher noted:

When I have nightmares about traveling with the Doctor, well… they’re never as horrific as the events of the rest of this episode. Jesus Christ. I think I need a little lie-down and a nice cup of tea to recover…

Do you think Russell Davies said to Steven Moffat, “I’ll see your wibbly-wobbly, and raise you a timey-wimey”?

Den Of Geek had it right, too, when they praised the "makes it look simple" acting of the effortless Bernard Cribbins.

…not only does Tate get to flex her acting muscles, pulling off an episode hinged around her really rather well, but it also gives Bernard Cribbins a decent amount to do as well. And heck, could many of the supporting players we’ve met over the past few years learn something from him. When tears well up in his eyes, as the truck heads off to the aforementioned labour camp, it feels so much more substantial than the shoehorning in of another EastEnders cast-off would have managed. More Cribbins, please.

Yet the return of La Piper is causing waves of the kind no one expected. Something happened to her voice

She of the blonde hair and broad smile is back, having travelled through lots of parallel universes to find Donna. All that universe jumping must have affected her speech, as she mumbles her way through the whole episode. Donna may have a reputation for shouting, but at least we can understand her.

Love to know what the hair was all about, too…


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