BBC Reveal – Mixed Reaction

In a shock move, the BBC website has reported on a widely mixed reaction to the season 30 conclusion, Journey’s End.

Rarely critical of the show, this marks the first time since 2005 that any BBC arm has reported any feeling of disappointment, despite similar sentiments in 2007 following the Gollum-Doctor of Last of the Time Lords.

Quoting fans writing on the forum of the media hub Digital Spy, the BBC appears to be distancing itself from the direction the series has taken under RTD.

One fan wrote on Digital Spy that the episode was “a total let down for me”.

“It felt rushed, sloppy and lacked something vital.”

The fan added: “Too rushed, reached no conclusion, and well… after a string of fantastic, brilliant episodes, that was average.”

The BBC also quoted a comment on the the infamous Ain’t It Cool website:

“Fair play to [chief writer] Russell T Davies, he’s tried but he hasn’t quite made it, going for style and bravado over substance.

“My Doctor Who is about storytelling.”

A sign of things to come? Certainly a significant news report, and one that could see more attention over the coming days.


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