Cyberwhat? (SPOILER)

The Telegraph has published details of the nature of this year’s Christmas special villain – and apparently there’s alot more to this particular return of the Cybermen than meets the eye.

Not content with bringing back the metal monsters – whose remaining humanity is a constant bone of contention whether they’re wearing flight suits, booming "Excellent!" and clenching their fists or just reverting to brains in tin jars – Mr Russell T Davies (for he is still in charge) is introuing us to something the Telegraph calls (spoiler time) Cybershade.

This rogue Cyberman is described:

"Like we did with the Daleks, we taken the original robot and made it a bit more sinister. The Cybershade is a mutant with some of the looks of the Cybermen – but it is a much darker creation.

"Fans always want something new. Just wheeling out Cybermen again would be tame."

Sounds a l ittle like the creature stalking London in Mike Tucker’s novel Illegal Alien.


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