David Warner Returns

Big Finish have teamed up David Warner and Nicholas Courtney once again as the alternative Third Doctor and a much older Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart for a sequel to the 2003 audio adventure Sympathy for the Devil.

Masters of War sees the time travelling duo landing on a mysterious alien planet – Skaro!

Leaving the Earth behind them, the Doctor and the Brigadier arrive on Skaro where the Daleks and Davros are waiting. Nicholas Briggs supplies the voice of the Daleks and Terry Molloy returns to the role of the Dalek creator. But this is an Unbound adventure, and Dalek history is not as we know it…

CUrrently priced at £14.99 and due for release on December 30th 2008, Masters of War also stars: Terry Molloy (Davros), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks), Amy Pemberton (Nadel), Sarah Douglas (Gillen), Jeremy James(Delt), and Christopher Heywood (Toloc).

There are more details to be found at the Big Finish website.



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