Dawkins Doesn’t Like Who

Curious. Theologist and philosopher – and husband of Second Romana actress Lalla Ward – Richard Dawkins has stated that he isn’t keen on the current incarnation of Doctor Who, despite appearing in the most recent story.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Dawkins – who once counted the late Douglas Adams among his friends – revealed:

"I regard the definitive Doctor Who as the one when Lalla was there. I don’t have any truck with this modern version."

Conversely, the author made a cameo appearance as himself in The Stolen Earth.

This is a man who judges peoples belief in gods – he ponces onto a TV show then denounces it.

Kasterborous is unimpressed. Not only that but his "definitive" Doctor Who appears to be the "smug student era", when Tom went OTT and Douglas Adams was script editor.

Happy days?


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