Journey’s End Buildup

It’s official – the country has gone Doctor Who mad!

Freema Agyeman revealed on BBC television yesterday that keeping the secrets of Journey’s End under wraps has seen her politely refuse to share the ending with anybody, despite their best attempts. She descrived it as

"The secret of all secrets… lots of texts and people coming up to me in the street asking if David is leaving.

"After Saturday that will be answered and I can relax."

Similarly, Russell T Davies wrote in an online Q&A that people will always try and get spoilers – and that it’s not good.

"There are some people who like spoilers, and they spoil it for themselves and they like spoiling it for themselves," he said.

"It’s when they then promote it on to a bigger scale and they push those spoilers into the tabloids so the general public get to hear.

"I think it’s a real shame and I think it undermines all storytelling."

I think he’s looking forward to watching Doctor Who and not knowing what happens next…

Elsewhere on the web there is a deluge of Doctor Who themed items, from Wired’s Casual Fans Guide which overviews regeneration, to Caitlin Moran wetting her knickers once more over the possibilities of regeneration (bless her).

Elsewhere the Doctor Who blogosphere has been on a spoiler-tastic bender, but regardless oif "Harriet Jones is the Master" theories, by far and away the best thing online is this Doctor Who Final Episode Bingo card.

In case you’ve just woken from an energy exchange-induced coma, we left the Doctor in the throes of regeneration at the end of The Stolen Earth; the story continues – and concludes season 30 – 6.40-7.45pm tonight on BBC One.


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