Moffat Brings it Down to Earth

The BBC News site has reported on some of Steven Moffat’s statements at the recent San Diego Comic-Con event, at which Doctor Who had a presence thanks to BBC America.

On getting the Doctor Who job, he wisely pointed out that:

"I suppose it should be daunting or nerve-wracking but it’s not a real job like working in a hospital – it’s just fun."

He added: "I mean it’s hard work too but most things that are fun are hard work."

On the matter of scares – well he was a little ambiguous. I’m personally expecting an intelligent, at times frightening, at other times witty and on the whole thoroughly exciting era of Doctor Who that doesn’t resort to cheap plot cop outs for big stories; but that’s just me. According to Mr Moffat:

"If people are worried that because I’m taking over Doctor Who it’s going to be just really, really frightening, if that’s your concern then… tough."

It’s his show now, that’s more than fair enough. Most important of course is the "nostalgia statement" reported on previously.

"We’re not in the business of being nostalgic, we’re making nostalgia for the future, new monsters, new friends."

"Having taken the precaution of having memorised every single event in Doctor Who’s history, it’s fairly easy for me to keep continuity because I remember it all. In the end, a television series which embraces both the ideas of parallel universe and the concept of changing time can’t have a continuity error – it can’t.

"It’s impossible for Doctor Who to get it wrong because we can just say ‘he changed time, it’s a time warp, it happens’."

If I was somehow put in charge of Doctor Who, I couldn’t have but the statement better myself, and it is reassuring to know that the show continues to be in good hands. That doesn’t mean that at some point in the future the BBC shouldn’t consider bringing in a non-fan, however…


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