RTD Judges Parents

A piece in Australia’s The Age features Russell T Davies relating an incident in which he set straight the views of a mother at a wedding that they both attended.

Which, you know, is fine – until you actually read what he was saying, as he recalls his reaction to a woman unhappy with a scene in Jack said goodbye to the Doctor and Rose in The Parting of the Ways.

"I was standing there saying, ‘You’re a bad mother, and your children will either grow up to be lesbians, or they will be taken into care because they’ve been badly raised’, " he recalls in a recent interview near the Doctor Who set. He begins to chuckle. " ‘You are ignorant, and you’re bringing up your children in ignorance, and that will backfire on you’."

The thing is Russell, you’ve already said this by writing the dramas and characters that you’ve written over the last 10 or 12 years. What’s more, you’re a writer and producer. This woman that you declared to be "bad" is a mother, and being a parent is the hardest job in the world.

Just because someone disagrees with the portrayal of homosexial or bisexual affection on a family television doesn’t mean that their children will be taken ino care.

What a thing to say to someone!

Just when I feel as if RTD cannot get any more arrogant about leading a team to ratings to success and reinventing the wheel, this piece appears.

The article goes on, and the creation of Captain Jack Harkness is brought into the discussion.

What better way to introduce a charming bisexual character, he asked, than to make him "an outer space buccaneer?"

"The most boring drama would be" – here he puts on a whiny, fractious voice – " ‘Oh, I’m bisexual, oh my bleeding heart’ night-time drama. Tedious, dull. But if you say it’s a bisexual space pirate swaggering in with guns and attitude and cheek and humor into prime-time family viewing: That was enormously attractive to me."

Right… funny, I thought Richard Curtis and Ben Elton invented Lord Flashheart


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