Spoiler Space

And so it continues – The Guardian’s James Dreyfuss-esque Gareth McLean discusses the issue of spoilers, regeneration and keeping things under wraps.

As he rightfully states:

Now, who saw that coming? As the Doctor gasped "I’m regenerating", there must have been countless others up and down the country gasping "No way!" For the end of The Stolen Earth was that rare thing indeed nowadays: the genuine, jaw-dropping, outta-nowhere cliffhanger.

Going on to compare modern hunger for "what happens next?" spoilers to the TV shows of the past, McLean namechecks a suitable comparison: Dallas.

Few would be unaware of "Who shot Jr?" in this day an age, with leaks coming from text messages, magazines, websites and discussion boards.

It’s all a part of the changing way in which we watch television in the 21st century. People I know are trawling the web for gossip, exclaiming triumphantly and then feeling let down that they’ve found out early.

Sure, you can still watch it, but take it from me, as the editor of one of the web’s most popular Doctor Who news sites – knowing what will happen can seriously ruin your future viewing.


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