Doctor Who Fans Disturb Show

This is the sort of thing that really hurts. The sort of thing that opens my chest, rips my heart out and dances upon it. The sort of thing that makes me look at Doctor Who fans sticking together in their self absorbed little cliques at conventions and in online forums and observe what a bunch of arrogant idiots they are.

What made the mild-mannered editor of Kasterborous so angry? News that Catherine Tate’s show Under the Blue Sky was disrupted by sonic screwdriver wielding Who-ers that got excited and started singing the Doctor Who theme tune when they spotted David Tennant in the audience, that’s what.

"Fans had heard he was going to watch former Doctor Who star Catherine, so they turned up in force, complete with props," a source told the Daily Star. "He was very charming and friendly with them during the interval, but he was rightly disgusted when they disrupted her performance by singing the show’s music and waving their sonic screwdrivers.

"Catherine is a pro, so she ignored them. But David knew the only way to stop them was by getting up and leaving."

Who do these gits think they are? Poncing into a theatre, all smug and self satisfied, spotting their "hero" and upsetting the performance for other fans – and the but of their "admiration" who walked out to divert attention back to the stage.

YOU AREN’T FANS. You’re embarrassments, abominations, unfit and unnecessary. Get yourselves a life – one each if possible – but don’t ever call yourself a Doctor Who fan.

That’s the last thing you are


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