Everyone Loves David

It seems that rake-thin Doctor Who and Hamlet star David Tennant – famously described as resembling "a rat" back in 2005 by a member of a popular Doctor Who discussion group is a bit of a sex symbol.

With girls a-plenty buying up tickets for live performances and the earlier rehearsals, it seems that the nickname coined to him and attributed to La Piper (David Ten-Inch) has got the ladies hot under the collar… and elsewhere!

Britain’s most popular and desired actor performing in one of the greatest works by the world’s most famous writer has brewed a perfect storm of celebrity, talent, heritage and lust.

Blimey. Sounds a bit rude! And it get’s worse!

In the foyer, two teenage girls are pressing themselves up against a wall-length photograph of David Tennant and snapping each other on their mobiles.

Carol Whitlock’s a 30-year-old Londoner who saw Tennant for the first time in Casanova and fell hard. "It has become an obsession," she admits. "My friends, for Christmas, got me a T-shirt that says ‘Mrs David Tennant’." Carol is going to see Hamlet again when it opens in London. She actually met Tennant in November when he signed DVDs in HMV. "I took the day off work, saying I had a hospital appointment."

Your boss reads Kasterborous, Carol…

However, local businesses are doing well, with one nearby chip shop utilising a picture of a Dalek and the slogan "Exterminate your hunger". Thankfully it’s not all go for the locals:

"It was The Taming Of The Shrew yesterday, and that was a lovely day of calm," says Margaret Jackson, who works in the box office. "The rest of the time it’s completely mad. Hamlet, Hamlet, Hamlet. People start queuing for tickets at midnight; we arrive in the morning to find them all outside. And the phone calls! ‘It says on your recorded message that Hamlet is completely sold out. Is that right?’" She rolls her eyes. "No, we just put that on there for a laugh."



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