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The San Diego Comic-Con will be remembered as the place where Steven Moffat spoke at length about Doctor Who – his Doctor Who – and yet managed not to reveal anything.

For instance, he managed to that he loves the combination of Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures, told the American audience that the show should be on at in family time slot:

Well, you’re getting it wrong! I’m vexed by it. I don’t understand it! The adults watch it because it’s a children show – the way you watched Star Wars or Toy Story – (I think) you never outgrow those values.

…and revealed that the Time War would remain "time-locked" to the Doctor, certainly to the extent that we would never see it unfold on screen for fear of a Clone Wars-style let-down.

We also got to hear Moffat’s opinion on spoilers (as if viewers of Blink and Silence in the Library hadn’t guessed…), his thoughts on running Doctor Who being and honour and not a burden, as well as the Grand Moff’s thoughts of online fandom…

"I’ve unplugged myself from all of that. All of the forums and all of those things. I literally can’t read stuff online anymore. It’s a very, very bad sample of the audience. By bad I mean it’s not representative of the audience at all. Not because they’re stupid, I don’t think they’re stupid – I think their reactions are valid and interesting and I’ve enjoyed reading them – but, if I let that voice into my head – I’ll start making the show for the wrong audience.

Because the show is for first the children, then everybody else and then last – right in the back of the queue, is the fans. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I’m a fan myself and I have to stand at the back of the queue sometimes, but that’s all right."



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