Inflation of the Daleks

A cute, out of proportion rubber foam Dalek – a relic of the original bout of Dalekmania in the 1960s – has sold at auction for an staggering £1500.

Bought for 50p in the mid-1960s, the fragile foam Bendy Dalek features an unusual paint job, and is one of the rarer toys from the 1960s. David Howe, author of Transcendental Toybox – a guide vital to Doctor Who merchandise collectors:

"It was made from soft, pliable rubber around a metal skeleton.

"The rubber decays and rots over time, and the skeleton can weaken and snap.

"Any toys in a poor condition after a child has played with them would normally be consigned to the rubbish bin, making any examples very hard to find, especially in good condition."

The original foam Dalek was produced in three colours – black, grey and white – with an original selling price of 10 shillings and sixpence. This sale follows some previously reported Dalek merchandise sales from the 1960s, an d it certainly seems that the show’s revival has lead to an increase in value of older Doctor Who paraphernalia.

"Prices for older items have increased accordingly as new people have caught the collecting bug and are trying to own items from their childhood.

"Now trying to pick up pretty much anything from the 1960s for less than 200 pounds is rare."

Now Mr Howe notes above that these things rot over time. I can also inform that getting them wet is a big no-no as well. As a small boy I had a Kermit the Frog toy built to a similar design. Being a frog, I left him in a sink full of water… three hours later he had completely disintetgrated.

I still bear the scars.


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