Paul Cornell Interviewed

Doctor Who audio, novel, and TV writer Paul Cornell spoke to io9 recently about his various involvements with the series, and his original Ninth Doctor as played by Richard E Grant for the BBCi production (and novel)  Scream of the Shalka.

This incarnation of the Doctor is a curious one – terribly dark, morose even, and Cornell evidently sees it as the wrong direction entirely rather than a useful but failed intro to a new Doctor:

None of the onscreen Doctors have been sad for more than ten minutes before something fun comes along. And I’m really tired with the idea that ‘dark’ is adult. If anything, as an adult I’ve come to cherish really stupid comedy as possibly the highest achivement of mankind.

As a fellow regular Virgin New Adventures writer (others include Mark Gatiss and Russell T Davies), Cornell also sees NuWho in a quite unique way.

I think every now and then I see bits of the New Adventures popping up in the new show (in many ways the new show *is* the New Adventures by other means) but I can’t quite get my head round that one. Usually it comes down to Russell having digested every approach and theme of Doctor Who in all its forms, and using it as he sees fit, and having not only the right but the duty to do that, as the show has always done. Another one of those mainstream show tropes which can come as a shock to those of us who grew up in the niche.

It’s an interesting view, as is much else in the interview – worth a read, if only to see some interesting images from Cornell’s latest comic book project.


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