SJA Preview Snaps

Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures is set to air on Monday September 29th (scheduled broadcast time TBC), and the current issue of SFX contains some snaps of the new run.

SFX Magazine features an interview with producer Nikki Smith, but of more interest is an interview with newcomer Anjli Mohindra who plays Rani on the SFX website.

Rani is a replacement for Maria Jackson (with Yasmin Paige sittings exams during the production), but she’s by no means a cookie-cutter clone. SHe’s not daft either, and seems to understand the show:

I thought it was great, because with children’s TV it’s normally quite patronising, but not with this at all. There’s no ‘moral of the day’ at the end of every story, it’s just completely the same as Doctor Who, and adults can watch it as well, which I thought was great.

Anjli joins pretty much from the first story, it seems.

“Fairly near the start, after saying farewell to the third sidekick, I kind of have a bit of a nosey into the lives of the world-saving team and kind of butt my way in!”

“It’s been really great, because sometimes when you come into a show everyone’s already all tight in a performed group and you feel a bit intimidated but absolutely not at all. I completely feel part of the team, and it’s just fantastic coming into a group of mates that are already formed but welcome other people in as friends.”

Looks like she’ll be a suitable addition to Sarah Jane’s little team!



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