The superb Comic Book Resources – one of my favourite newly discovered websites of the past 12 months – has lookeds at Doctor Who as part of John Seavey’s Storytelling Engines series.

The article takes a microscopic look at the whys and wherefores of how Doctor Who continues to reinvent itself and bring us new story ideas an situations – and of course lays this happy state of affairs at the feet of the TARDIS.

It’s about a mysterious man with a magic box that can go anywhere in time and space. That’s a concept that doesn’t need any help at all to generate ideas. The supporting cast can change, the antagonists can come and go, but any writer who can’t do something with “anywhere in time and space” doesn’t have any business being a writer.

Every other book, every other storytelling engine can be ground up and fed into Doctor Who’s mill.

Magic box indeed… it’s bigger on the inside! What more could you want?

Definitely a subject that generates discussion at the Comic Book Resources site too


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