Tennant to stay for movie?

The Doctor Who Movie rumour continues to roll, with Catherine Zeta Jones mentioned as a companion by Russell T Davies – but no mention of scripts, directors or distributors just yet, so don’t get carried away.

A certain tabloid meanwhile have reported that David Tennant wants to remain in the role for his fourth full series, as well as tie himself to any movie that might be made within that time frame.

An interesting carrot to dangle his way, wouldn’t you say? The insider (there can be only one, otherwise BBC Wales is leakier than Cold War MI5) says:

"It looks like the film is going to happen in the next few years… everyone is keen now and the fans are clamouring. Part of David’s conundrum is that he wants to do films, so this looks like it would solve both issues."

 Not everyone is looking forward to a Doctor Who film, however.

Some dude called Michael Deacon who writes for the Telegraph, for instance, is allergic to the type of pomp and ceremony that attach themselves to new series of the show.

I don’t mind that the thing is on television; I just mind that’s it’s absolutely everywhere else, too – in magazines, on the front of cereal packets, in conversation.

That I can sympathise with – until Deacon does a complete hack job, earning himself the much coveted Doctor Who Hack of the Week Award!

Doctor Who is children’s stuff. It’s baby-food for the brain. To see people who are at least nominally adults going ga-ga over it makes me want to gnaw my own knees off in frustration.

That’s right Deacs – a show that inspires kids to get interested in science is "baby-food for the brain". 



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