Doctor Who – Time Warp

According to David Semple writing on Den of Geek, "Nothing ages quicker than something which is bang up to date" – and he  has a strong argument.

Comparing Michael Grade’s appearance on Room 101 (where the former BBC Boss declared that Doctor Who was "stuck in a timewarp") with an accompanying clip from the BBC talk back show Did You See? paints a clearer picture.

But what is striking, watching it now, is how hopelessly old-fashioned Did You See? appears – the dreary 1980s theme tune droning away on a synth, the clips of Ludovic Kennedy looking comatose in the opening credits – it all seems the product of another, deadlier age, but when the clips of Doctor Who begin – the Sylvester McCoy opening titles with a meteor storm pelting a spinning purple galaxy…well it’s like the bit in The Wizard of Oz where we go from monochrome to Technicolor.

So – is this the beginning of something we’ve been expecting for a long time now?

Doctor Who’s popularity is now strong enough that we can refer back to the end of the original series run and point out that despite the questionable production decisions and some sloppy writing/script editing (hello Silver Nemesis) even 20 years ago Doctor Who was still the best thing on television, hopelessly up to date, not out of date.

There is of course more to it… that 20 years figure will pop up again, and I really do recommend you take a hop over to Den of Geek and read a superb article.


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