DT Lookalike in Tabloid Cheekfest

If they ever made a Carry on Doctor Who, they could do a lot worse than use this as a model…

The tabloid we don’t link to has run a feature on some "sexy sci-fi lovers" who are interviewed in ladies hairdresser rag Love It.  This group of… "interesting" folk… include three man/woman couplings of Star Wars fan, Star Trek fan… and Doctor Who fan. 

In he’s more than a fan – he’s also a David Tennant lookalike.  Now while the story related below is a recollection by his no doubt lovely girl, I’m sure this fellow takes full advantage of his famous looks, if you catch my drift…

Sipping my glass of white wine, a strange sensation washed over me.  I was on a date at a local bar with my new boyfriend, Nigel Sumner.

But it felt as if everyone was staring at us.
“Hey, it’s the doctor,” a man shouted in our direction.

I frowned. Nigel, 33, was a sound engineer at a local theatre, not a doctor.
“People think I look like David Tennant,” Nigel explained. “The actor who plays Doctor Who.”
When Nigel gets into character, he’s just as dashing and ruthless as Doctor Who.

I discovered he also worked as a lookalike, imitating the sexy sci-fi favourite. 
“Maybe you should see me in costume,” he continued.

A few weeks later, I went to meet him at a party where he was appearing as Doctor Who.  As I took in his tall stature and brooding eyes, I felt my heart hammer in my chest. 

Seeing all the women gather around him made me proud.  It really got me going and that night, I couldn’t wait to help him out of his suit.

“Now, it’s time to be a love doctor,” I giggled.

The next morning, I wished I really could travel back in time and do it all over again.  I’ve been dating Nigel for three months now, so our relationship is still new and exciting.  But I enjoy nothing more than meeting him from work.

I’ve always had a secret crush on David Tennant when he plays Doctor Who.  But when Nigel gets into character, he’s just as dashing and ruthless as the doctor.  I just hope our love will never be exterminated

<sniff> Oh that’s just so beautiful. <sniff>  I’m welling up, I really am… come back later, let me sort out my eyes.<sniff>



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