Election Trends

"Hey look at this hot new data just in fellas.  Looks as though this limey show about some professor in a blue box who travels through time with pretty, spunky young girls defeating menaces both on earth and in outer space is a hit with Republican voters."

"OK, sounds good… what’s it called?"

"Doctor Who, it says here.  I got a dossier on it, here."

"Say, this shows been on the go for years.  Look at this, 1963 they say it started.  With an old dude as the lead character, and he can chage his face."

"Hey look, that old dude looks a bit like John McCain!"

"You know I was talking to that cute Alaskan governor the other day, while we were out hunting Polar Bears.  I reckon she’s quite the spunky sidekick…"

"You know this’ll give Osama Obama a run for his money! How could he compete against a time travelling hero?!"

"Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?"

"I might be…"



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