More from the Boxset Commentary

Den of Geek’s lengthy perusal of the Doctor Who Series 4 DVD Boxset which will be released shortly has revealed more than David Tennant referring (seriously or not) to Steven Moffat as his "new boss".

Oh yes, there’s the revelation that RTD loves the Paul McGann TV Movie (to an extent as this contradicts a statement elsewhere…) and that Harriet Jones really, really, REALLY, OK(?) died in The Stolen Earth.

• On the Paul McGann TV Movie, RTD says, ".. so not what I would do, but I love it."

• Although RTD loves the Ice Warriors, he says they are "slightly generic".

• When asked if River Song is The Doctor’s wife, Steven Moffat says "it’s more complicated than that"

• RTD reveals that Harriet Jones died in The Stolen Earth despite Phil Collinson’s protestations that she lived.

Most interesting I feel even in the light of Paul McGann rumours is the revelation from Steven Moffat that Song’s relationship with the Doctor "is more complicated than that".

Fascinating. Will we ever truly discover?

(Incidentally, the Doctor Who Complete Series 4 DVD is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, for a knock-down £52.49. The DVD is released on November 17th, with an RRP of £69.99!)


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