So – Just Who is the new Doctor?

Well, as David Tennant has confirmed his imminent departure, with workloads and shooting and post production probably tied up by May 2009 in order to let the first Steven Moffat series enter production early summer 2009.

William Hill bookies had the following names in the frame back in June (remember kids, betting is for mugs):

2/1: Robert Carlyle
4/1: Jason Statham
6/1: James Nesbitt
7/1: John Simm
10/1: Julian Walsh
12/1: Daniel Radcliffe
14/1: Nigel Harman
16/1: Bill Nighy

Of course, most reading these words have more talent in their noses than Jason Statham , so no worried with that one. Nesbitt, meanwhile, seems to be a bit of a millstone around Steven Moffat’s neck.

Kasterborous would like to throw some other names into the pot for consideration (although casting must surely now be at an advanced stage…)

David Morrissey – already The Next Doctor, why shouldn’t he be the next Doctor?

Burn Gorman – Torchwood’s late Dr Owen Harper is a very talented actor indeed…

John Nettles – an excellent choice for the older Doctor model, coupled with a younger male companion for heavy action content and a pretty young thing by his side. No romance for this Doctor? You’re kidding!

Adrian Lester – not a big hitter, and not particularly charismatic, but his name has been mentioned recently, as has that of Paterson Joseph.

Dexter Fletcher – has worked with The Moff in the past (Press Gang) and has made a career of playing noticeable characters in films and television.

Robert Bathurst – if we’re going to include Nesbitt in any list, than Bathurst – who made Moffat’s lines come to life so remarkably in Joking Apart would make for another slightly older, and posher Doctor.

Hugh Grant – the man himself was mentioned back in 2006 as someone Russell T Davies approached, and to be honest he could do far worse at the moment.

Philip Glenister – what better way to get the awards night scowl off DI Gene Hunt’s face than to give him the role that keeps beating him? There’s a lot worse out there, and he could do a lot with the role.

No list would be complete without the one man no one wants to see at all. The bookies have James Nesbitt… and we have:

Robson Green – has made a career out of being a Geordie, as that is what he is. Hugely popular, one of only 2 men on television as popular as David Tennant (the other being David Jason) , what could he bring to the role?

Finally, The Telegraph are carrying a short piece which focusses on Paterson Joseph while also making light of one interesting contender that for some reaosn we haven’t included here – Rhys Ifans

(Big thanks to Professor Peach for his contribution to compiling this list!)



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