Time? Time? Time…!

This is what you want from your newspaper – revelations that advances in Time Travel are just around the corner!

I scour the web for this sort of stuff regularly, and its particularly good to see the subject handled to well – packaged so that experts and newcomers alike can enjoy the subject matter.

Earlier this week South Wales researcher Rhianne Attwood looked into the science behind Doctor Who to shed light on how close time travel really is.

“It’s a really good way to capture people’s imaginations and get children interested in science.

“I’ve always been interested in Doctor Who and enjoy the programme. Then I read some articles about the physics behind it and it got me thinking.

“The lecture looks at three different things: time travel, teleportation and the Tardis. Is it possible to produce a real-life sonic screwdriver? And how close are we to tackling time travel and building our very own Tardis?”

“With the teleportation topic, scientists in America are already teleporting small atoms a few metres across laboratories. But the problem is that if we wanted to do it ourselves, we are made up of so many protons and neutrons it would take us 4,000 times the age of the universe to teleport and rebuild ourselves.”

Fascinating stuff.  Disappointing though that Wales is so far away.  I’d love to have gone on Wednesday evening.

Of course if time travel is possible, perhaps I still can attend one day…



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