Whoniversal Appeal

The “Doctor Who Effect” continues to influence the Welsh at all levels, with postgraduate students at Cardiff University and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD) organising Whoniversal Appeal.

A conference to be held 14 to 16 November and is open to the public, Whoniversal Appeal will feature academic papers and presentations discussing topics including “morality, philosophy, history, television and cultural studies.”

Organising chair Melissa Beattie believes studying the show useful because:

“…all arts and humanities reflect the society that creates them.

“It shows the progression of society over 45 years and it’s amazing to see what an impact it’s had.”

“Also I think it’s a good way of getting rid of what I call ivory towers thinking. Using something like Doctor Who is a good way of finding a common ground.

“There’s a lot of narrative density in a lot of them – you have epic scenes, mythical-religious scenes, plus again the reflection of modern society like quite a strong anti-war message,” she said.

It sounds a superb event to take part in, so get there if you can!

(And check out the BBC News page of the event for some historical inaccuracy…)


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