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There was a superb interview in the Telegraph with David Tennant over the Doctor Who 45th birthday weekend, covering his appearances in Hamlet, Love Labour’s Lost and of course Doctor Who.

Certainly worth a read if you want to know more about the reaction of thralls of Doctor Who fans turning up at Stratford:

‘We’ve had wonderful audiences,’ Tennant says. ‘There have been no people sitting in the front row dressed as Cybermen or throwing Tardises on stage.’

…or if you want to know what its like for David to pop out for a sandwich:

Dressed anonymously in jeans and an Abercrombie & Fitch hooded top, baseball cap on his head, Tennant walked quickly, all the while surrounded by a low-level hum of attention, punctuated by his acknowledging the many people saying hello.

…what David asked when he was offered the lead in Doctor Who

"Can I have a long coat?"

…and what his evidently wise and respected father said to him when he accepted the part a few days later:

‘Oh, I thought it would come to you eventually.’

Oh and don’t forget Natasha from Shoreditch:

Being part of such a phenomenon meant that from the moment his casting was announced – ‘you become a public figure, your life ceases to be your own. You cease to be invisible.’ Very early on in the series, Tennant had his first experience of the harsher aspects of being well-known. He was woken at 7am on a Thursday by a tabloid journalist ringing his doorbell and threatening to run a story that Sunday about ‘Natasha from Shoreditch, the brothel, the prostitutes and the drugs… Funnily enough they didn’t have photographs.’

Not only is it worth a read, its certainly one to remember, one for the archives.  Well written and punchy. 


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