A Female Doctor?

The Escapist reports on a UK Women’s group starting a campaign for the next Doctor to be played by a woman. They cite the fact that over the years the character has metamorphosized from the old professor type to the young energetic type – so why not a woman?

"There is a distinct lack of role models of female scientists in the media
and recent research shows that this contributes to the under-representation
of women in the field," a UKRC representative said.

"The UKRC believes that making a high profile sci-fi character with a following like Doctor Who female would help to raise the profile of women in science and bring the
issue of the important contribution women can and should make to science in
the public domain."

Ummmm. Whilst Kopic is not averse to an actor of non-caucasian persuasion (provided it’s the RIGHT actor and not just soup-du-jour stunt-casting) Kopic does NOT agree with a female Doctor. Changing shape and personality with regeneration is one thing, but changing gender would just be too confusing for the family dynamic.

The Anglophenia blog from BBC America goes even further and suggest that not only should the next Doctor be a female but should also be black and that it should be Sophie Okonedo. They note her Who credentials having appeared in Scream of The Shalka and her oscar nominated turn in Hotel Rwanda.

She can play cheeky, she can play dark, she can play badass, and she can
play eccentric…The lady rocks, and she would make a crackin’ Timelord.

Ummmm. I vote for her playing The Rani opposite Paterson Joseph as The Doctor. Now that would be a bigot-baiting spectacle to behold!


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