Next Doctor Spoilerage

Ahead are various snippets of information deemed "spoilers" by the BBC News page, even though they’re now out there in the public domain, so strictly speaking aren’t.

However, you have been warned.

The Next Doctor sees the Doctor (David Tennant) team up with a man who may or may not be a different version of him (David Morrissey) and his companion Rosita (Velile Tschabala) against the almighty threat of the Cybermen!

Following the events of Army of Ghosts/Doomsday the Cybermen appeared destroyed. There was no mention of them by Mickey in Journey’s End – surely the threat had been vanquished?

It seems not – they’re back, back in time, and mean business. Not only are they apparently aided by Miss Hartigan (Derval Kirwan) but there’s also more of them – such as the apparent attempt to make Cybermen with archaic technology, the dog-like Cybershades. Slightly more fearsome than Cybermats.

There’s also the intriguingly named CyberKing – could this be the black-visored, brain revealing Cyberman in the photos? No doubt a replacement for the destroyed CyberController (formerly John Lumic)…

The Next Doctor also features a mystery surrounding a man named Jackson Lake. He may sound like a prog rocker, or perhaps a geographical feature in North America, but as far as his true purpose and relevance to events go, we don’t know. Meanwhile if you have any doubts about the other Doctor (David Morrissey), note that our current Doctor (David Tennant) takes a trip in the other Doctor’s Tardis.

Oh and look out for a new kind of sonic screwdriver. Posisonic?

UPDATED 11.20am:

There’s more naughty spoilers courtesy of The Star, who reveal…

Morrissey’s Doctor excitedly shows off his TARDIS, or Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style. That’s a hot-air balloon to you and me.

But he’s less than impressed when he’s given a guided tour of the real Tardis – or Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. It “gives me a headache,” he complains.

However, without giving away too many secrets, we can reveal that the real Doc is up against the most terrifying Cyber threat he’s ever encountered.

The so-called Cyber King is one of the hit sci-fi show’s best-ever scary monsters.

Oh and for one last (possible) spoilerific moment, we hear that there’s a bit of a wonderful surprise in store for hardcore Doctor Who fans.

Apparently, the Tenth Doctor attempts to explain to The Next Doctor which incarnation he is – by showing him footage of all of his earlier selves!

True or not, this has been reported in The Daily Mail, with a quote attributed to Russell T Davies:

‘It is also nice for the kids to get to grips with the fact that there have been lots of Doctors.’






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