2009 DVD Releases

Doctor Who Magazine 404 features notice of confirmation of the great DVD schedule that 2Entertain has planend for 2009, which includes some of the series’ most classic adventures.

February 23rd is the expected release date of a two-DVD boxset of The Rescue and The Romans, with extras including a documentary on writer Dennis Spooner, an item on Roman cuisine from Blue Peter and a look at the 60s female companions called Girls, Girls, Girls.  Whether or not Motley Crue appear on the soundtrack for that one I don’t know…

On March 16th we’ll see the release of the Sixth Doctor adventure Attack of the Cybermen, from 1985 Season 22. There are no details on extras as yet, so this could be a vanilla release, although of course that might change.

Later in the year the 1987 Seventh Doctor story Delta and the Bannermen is released with extras including an extended version of the episode one and a documentary; Stripped for Action examines the wide-ranging comic strip adventures of the Seventh Doctor.  Any mention of Death’s Head, I wonder…?  The relase date of this adventure is not yet known, and the same goes for the following:

  • The Deadly Assassin – featuring extras The Gallifreyean Candidate and The Frighten Factor
  • Image of the Fendahl
  • The War Games – a mammoth 3 disc set with commentaries across all 10 episodes and one of the extras is the first installment of On Target, which takes a look at the Target novels series!

They’re all huge releases, but there’s a nother one!

Currently without a release date is the much awaited boxset release of Frontier in Space and Planet of the Daleks.  This features the recolourised version of Planet of the Daleks, using the chromadot technique utilised in a recently broadcast repeat of Dad’s Army.  Other features include a long-awaited biography of the much-missed Roger Delgado (the original Master), an A-Z of Gadgets and two more Stripped for Action features – this time naturally featuring the Daleks!  Subtitled Dalek War, you can read more about the boxset and the procedure for retrieving colour from black and white videotape images on the Restoration Team website.

Who said 2009 was going to be Who-lite…?



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