Balls of String

David Tennant has been quoted on the Now Magazine website talking about his decisions to join and (more recently) leave the show.

The content seems to be what we have been used to over the years – praise for Russell T Davies, admiration for the original series… and then you look at it with more depth:

"I saw it as futuristic and scientific and at the same time all a bit hand-knitted. It always felt like he [the Doctor] only needed a ball of string to save everything." 

‘This great character who just burns through the middle with enthusiasm and glee.’

A ball of string is one thing, but "hand-knitted"? What on earth are you on, Tennant?  However, that’s not what flagged this piece as slightly different to the others.


It’s the planet Zog, once again.  Apparently, Russell T Davies – who you may have seen referring to Zog in the past – is a big fan of drama roles for Zogians.

‘He writes great roles for blue creatures from the planet Zog,’ says David.

Zog… where is that again?  At the end of the rainbow?  Through the looking glass?  At the back of the wardrobe?

It’s rare that I’ll have a go at David Tennant, but this time – well, what is "Zog"?  To me, it’s the ultimate in derisory terms to refer to "silly sci fi".  Russell T Davies uses the term often as we’ve seen, but he really cannot be expected to do anything less, being one of Doctor Who’s greatest purveyors of silly sci fi in its 45 year history (and I don’t even have to say Slitheen, do I?)

For David Tennant to resort to these dumbed-down shorthand references is concerning, however.  "Zog" has no place in Doctor Who, and only exists to belittle and mock sci fi fans in general.

Disappointing, Mr Tennant.



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